Grasp Splinter: Leo likes to train, spar, and discover more about ninjutsu

All the Turtles: Leo ‘s the leader off their brothers. And he loves to be the one on the team whom is not afraid of one thing. That’s why Raph identifies your just like the « courageous commander » often. Leo is quite protective from his younger sisters, and you can does not want anything to accidentally them. As the shown in the last episode of 12 months one, Leonardo would even risk his lives to save their brothers.

As they dont usually reveal it, they are going to usually like one another whatever the comes their means

He loves to teach together with his sensei, and you can father; Learn Splinter. Splinter instructed him that which you he knows about ninjutsu, and Leo areas your quite definitely. Of all of the turtles, Leo has the closest relationship with their father, that frequently browsing your to own recommendations. Eg his brothers, Leo is extremely protective out-of their father too. Leo is the initial turtle to-name Splinter dad within the a good lifetime.

Michelangelo: Leo and you can Mikey do not communicate with one another that frequently, nevertheless they have a cool reference to each other

Raphael: Leo and you can Raph become brothers and you may opponents- it is a stable battle among them. It constantly sweat up against eachother in games and you will push eachother on maximum during training. Raphael is certainly caused by the one who initiate the echat chat crowd, jeering within Leo and you may getting in touch with your « Lame-O-Nardo » in the 1st 12 months.

Because found in The brand new Lady In the city, Raph believes that he ought to be the chief, considering that he is the best out of the five turtles. But not, Leo thinks if you don’t. Its quarrel contributed to Leo leaving the group to possess Raph so you’re able to function as chief. Raph instantly requires this straight back as he were unsuccessful into leading the fresh new team so you’re able to beat Snakeweed. The guy welcomes Leo right back once knowing the true ruckus a chief has to undergo to help you chance their team.

Together with the argument, both immensely care for one another. From the finale out of Season One, Showdown, Leo risked their existence by the holding Kraang Prime straight back to your other countries in the party to escape the newest exploding Technodrome thru an excellent pod. Raph was panicked and you will tried to help save Leo, but Mikey and you may Donnie close the brand new pod signed. « Leo », he previously murmured, sticking his practical the new glass windows and you may staring at their brother. Brand new pod started to reduced shift away.

This new pod and you will plenty far more started on their own because they managed to make it with the ocean’s epidermis. The folks from Nyc were celebrating as they managed to get away live, but Raph is disappointed. He accepted he try too harsh to the Leo whenever there clearly was a second opportunity he’d be kinder. His state of mind instantly changed whenever Leo revealed himself live.

Donatello: Leo and you will Donnie you should never extremely challenge will, in reality, they get on pretty much. Except they’d an argument in the Invasion, Leo recommended that they should get outside of the town in advance of the brand new Kraang Intrusion had worse. However,, Donnie believed that they might use the turtle mech one to Donnie is focusing on and you will overcome the fresh Kraang together with Invasion would be more than. It fought to your disease on the episode until Splinter prevented them. But other than that, they do not have fights often.

For example Raph and you will Donnie, Leo may upset with Mikey from time to time. From the occurrence Mazes Mutants, Leo and Mikey did with her to bring about the online game, L.A good.R.P. And also in the original bout of season around three, when Leo ultimately woke upwards, Mikey gave your a hug and you will animated tears from contentment emerged out of his eyes. Regarding the Pig and Rhino Mikey pleads Leo going with the Comet Roller Coaster to locate Karai. Leo features his request and determines that he desires to go that have your. Each of them collaborate to keep the brothers and you can people nearest and dearest off Bebop and you will Rocksteady. When you look at the Assault of one’s Super Shredder Leo returned Mikey within the an attempt to slash it discover however, fails and you will almost had used themselves, the guy checked Mikey’s Wrestling Hook and offered a sad research trusting he was lifeless.